Loots Golf & Tours

Located on the Arabella Country Estate

Loots Golf & Tours

Located on the Arrabelle Country Estate

Our Mission

Offering an honest & Professional service to our locals. We strive to be punctual,
on time and accurate in the information we provide.

Our vision is to connect with our clients, making their golf more enjoyable and organizing trips using luxurious and safe vehicles.   

Located on Arabella Country Estate, Loots Golf & Tours aims to enrich their clients’
holiday or break-away by adding a relaxation value to their trips, whilst improving
their Golfing Skills, or planting the seed for the love of the game.
Taking our clients on a trip of rejuvenation, lush green pastures, and blue skies,
the company produces lifetime memories that keeps on giving.

Who Are We?

Andre Loots, owner, and founder of Loots Golf & Tours, holds 6 years’ experience as a certified member of the Professional Golfers’ Association and TPI accredited.

Arno Marais,  holds 8 years’ experience as a certified member of the Professional Golfers Association.

Acting as Golfing Coaches and enthusiast, we bring new life and zest for the sport.
Sharing our passion for Golf, we strive to make the game more enjoyable for our clients. Guaranteed lower scores through the help of lessons, golf fitness, equipment modification and mental advise.

Your Game Starts Here

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Or call — Andre 082 860 4977 / Arno 066 254 0004