Loots Golf

A certified member of the Professional Golfers’ Association

Loots Golf

A certified member of the Professional Golfers’ Association

We offer more than just an experience

Loots Golf & Tours endeavours to maintain and build on its reputability by delivering the service offering its clients have become accustomed to.

Retaining its passion and inherent love for the game, broadens its horizons in that all Golf Related services, equipment and requirements is offered by Loots Golf & Tours.

Further extending its service and value proposition, the company encapsulates the perfect golfing experience, tailor made to each client’s requirements, making it an unforgettable break-away and a game-changing exercise.

Group and Individual Lessons

Loots Golf & Tours offers an array of individual and group services, that promote wellbeing, relaxation, and skill enhancements in the Golfing arena.

By offering both group and individual Golfing classes, the company caters for all golfing enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced professionals. Reaching out to all genders, ages and levels of competence, the company ensures that its service offering, and value proposition exceeds expectation and holds exceptional results.

Tournaments for Adults and Juniors

Engulfing its clients in experience-rich activities, Loots Golf & Tours promotes and hosts Golf Tournaments for young and old alike, taking the sport enthusiasts’ experience to the next level, while creating memorable moments.

Golf Clinics

In keeping with its versatility, Loots Golf & Tours offers Clinics for ladies, competitors, and children. These groups not only facilitate Golfing improvements, but also extends an opportunity to meet fellow competitors, enthusiasts and ultimately friends.

TPI Assessments

The company hosts a TPI Accreditation, enabling it to offer TPI Assessments to its clients. While this invaluable service offering holds its ground as a steadfast quality, it also enables suggestions on future enhancements and areas of concern that need addressing in the practical execution of the sport.


Bringing every technique and aid home, Loots Golf & Tours assist with proper fittings of equipment, gear, and garments to fully encapsulate the experience, and maximise sports potential.

Tournaments, Competitions, and Golf Days

The company caters for all its clients and delivers Golf Tournaments, Competitions and Golf Days to promote professional, strategic execution of the swing, allow for fun-filled family experiences or simply provide relaxation for onlookers. Accommodating each individual’s motivation for taking up the experience, Loots Golf&Tours has a tailor-made package suited to each client’s need.

Mobility Programs

Addressing all aspects of a successful Golfer, The Company facilitates mobility programs, boot camps and fitness programs. As docile as the sport seems, the fitness level required to maintain the distance traveled by foot, far exceeds what is expected. With this in mind, these facilities have been put in place to uphold the integrity of each players fitness and to enhance their performance.

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